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  • Manufacturer: Merrick Pet Care
  • SKU: 295054

Cats thrive on a grain free diet high in quality protein with moderate fat levels and low levels of carbohydrates. This natural, 100% grain free formula cat food is ideal for adult cats 1 - 7 years old with a focus on nutrient rich ingredients to support overall health. 

Deboned chicken is the first ingredient and, along with chicken and turkey meals, helps comprise the 74% protein level of meat sourced ingredients that are highly digestible and rich in essential fatty acids. Fresh produce like sweet potatoes and peas provide easily digestible carbohydrates that offer the benefit of sustained energy without upsetting grain-sensitive digestive systems. This high quality grain free diet is fortified with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants. 

Not all brands make their own food. We put cooking and quality under one roof. Our five-star kitchen and manufacturing facilities uphold the strict guidelines well define

  • Manufacturer: NaturVet Pet & Equine Supplements & Solutions

For use in cats. Quiet Moments® is formulated to help reduce the stress to your cat during traveling, fireworks, boarding and grooming. Tastes like a treat. A great way to bond with your pet is to give right from your finger. May also be given from a dish.

  • UPC: 878408008924
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

When high-protein, minced pieces of duck and tuna are in your kitty’s bowl, get ready to see them devour
this dinner! These flavors pack a punch and will give your purr machine a happy tummy! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • UPC: 878408008917
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

In this meal, delicious pieces of minced tuna and turkey will tickle your kitty’s taste buds with oh-so-much
flavor! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

Protein-rich pieces of tuna lamb = luv! Your best feline friend will love you lots after they lap up this high-moisture meal. Just don’t be surprised if they head-boop you, asking for more! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • UPC: 878408008894
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

Is your kitty the sweetest? Then show them how much you love them with Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks.
This high-moisture, a protein-packed pouch will keep your kitty (and their tummy) happy! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • UPC: 878408008887
  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

Your lil’ Baby Cakes will be one happy kitty once they discover the high-moisture and tasty flavors in this meal. The delectable tuna and beef in gravy will leave your cat meowing for more! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • Manufacturer: Weruva for Cats
  • Model Number: 3 oz pouch

Your precious kitty will surely be charmed after eating up this tasty meal, filled with minced tuna and chicken within an oh-so-tasty gravy! Available in a 3-ounce pouch.

  • UPC: 859610006007
  • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo Pet Food
  • SKU: 596640

Our naturally healthy BLUE Sensitive Stomach cat food is specially formulated to help support digestive health, while providing the important nutritional benefits you’ll find in all BLUE cat foods.

  • UPC: 859610000852
  • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo Pet Food
  • SKU: 596630

BLUE Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for adult cats is formulated with ingredients chosen specifically for cats in the prime of their lives. Cats love our tasty chicken, and it provides them with essential amino acids they need every day. Whole carrots, sweet potatoes and parsley are three of the nutrient-rich vegetables that your cat will get in every bite of BLUE.

  • UPC: 797801070027
NaturVet's Pet Electrolyte Concentrate is recommended to maintain hydration in times of mild fluid loss due to vomiting and/or diarrhea, post-op recovery or lack of appetite or whenever solid food cannot be tolerated. Also recommended to help rehydration due to high activity levels such as with agility trials, hunting dogs and show dogs especially while performing in the summer heat. NaturVet's Pet Electrolyte Concentrate is made in the USA. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • UPC: 797801038126
Tear Stain Supplement Tablets are formulated to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out. Our natural active ingredients of Cranberry Extract and Calcium Ascorbate help support the immune system, Marshmallow Root helps lubricate mucous membranes and Oregon Grape Root is a natural anti-microbial. All together they will give your pet healthy, beautiful eyes.

  • UPC: 797801038010
A formula consisting of all natural active ingredients for cleaning the ear canal of dogs and cats. A gentle, yet effective product designed to help dissolve ear wax and remove foreign debris. Can be used as often as needed, and is especially recommended after bathing or swimming. Contains Tea Tree Oil with aloe and baby powder scent.

  • UPC: 797801036108
Helps to maintain moisture in dry, irritated skin. Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids for a glossy coat and healthy skin. Made from pure Salmon, nature’s best source of natural Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. More potency without the smell. Our specialized filtration process helps remove the fishy smell, but not the yummy taste that pets love.

  • UPC: 797801035910
NaturVet Cranberry Relief PLUS Immune Support helps support a healthy urinary tract and provide essential immune support to maintain overall health.

  • UPC: 797801035897
Veterinarian formulated and recommended to support healthy hip and joint function. Our advanced formulation helps to support synovial fluid that lubricates joints and helps maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue.

  • UPC: 797801035866
Introducing a natural solution to calming your pet. Our unique blend of Thiamine and L-Tryptophan will help reduce stress and tension. Ginger supports sensitive stomachs which is especially important when traveling, while Melatonin helps to promote rest and relaxation.

  • UPC: 797801035859
Quiet Moments® Calming Aid Soft Chews are recommended to help support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension. Ideal for traveling, fireworks, boarding, or grooming.

  • UPC: 797801034487
No Flea Carpet Crystals is a flea killing powder. It is a dry crystal powder that works on the carpet and under the cushions of upholstered furniture to kill fleas.

  • UPC: 797801034463
NaturVet's Herbal Flea Shampoo is a flea shampoo for dogs and cats. The unique natural combination of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Geranium, and Thyme repels fleas. NaturVet's Herbal Flea Shampoo, Herbal Flea Powder, and Herbal Flea Spray work together synergistically for extra support.

  • UPC: 797801034425
A natural combination of Rosemary and Cedar Oil which repels fleas and flies while deodorizing with a fresh herbal fragrance. Herbal Flea Spray can be used on pets and pet bedding.

  • UPC: 797801034401
NaturVet’s Herbal Flea Powder can be used directly on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the age of six weeks, or can be used on any type of pet bedding, such as pillows, foam beds, and blankets. The unique natural combination of Rosemary and Cedar Oil

  • UPC: 797801001656
Anti-Diarrhea is a pleasant tasting liquid suspension for use as an aid for non-infectious diarrhea. Kaolin is an anti-diarrhea ingredient for the absorption of toxins. This absorbent action helps alleviate the irritation, discomfort and cramping associated with diarrhea. Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber naturally present in citrus fruits. It helps relieve simple diarrhea and gastroenteritis in dogs and cats.

  • UPC: 780824116919
Remember how much fun you had as a kid, blowing bubbles in the wind? Now you can share that experience with your kitty! T hese catnip blowing bubbles are sure to amuse -- blow big bubbles filled with fresh catnip for your cat to chase!

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